30-31 Jan 2018

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Autonomous Vehicles Asia Brochure

The 2nd Autonomous Vehicles Asia Summit 2018 will focus on market case-studies of existing and possible markets for autonomous vehicles, OEM vehicle trials including buses, cars and trucks, and technological innovations that will drive the industry.

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Manufacturers of autonomous vehicles should be making a SPLASh to manage risk

The route to a fully autonomous vehicle market seems long and fitful in the eyes of many. But it is likely to become a reality faster than many are prepared to accept. Like IBM, Kodak, and many other companies once confronted with a rapidly changing market, we, too, are now faced with disruptions in the auto market, perhaps unlike any since the invention of the auto. As liability increasingly shifts from the human driver to systems and software – a trend highlighted by recent reports of the first autonomous fatality – original equipment manufacturers (OEM) will come to the forefront as primary holders of automobile-related insurance risk. How they manage this risk will help determine the success and acceptance of the autonomous vehicle market in the years to come.


How will Autonomous Vehicles change Public Transportation?

Imagine hopping into a car, setting the coordinates of your destination, and then sitting back to take a nap or read a book while the car safely transports you across town. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, no? Well, prepare yourself, because autonomous, or self-driving, cars are coming, and they will be here much sooner than you might think.

Mercedes Autonomous Bus Takes Passengers Towards a Future of ‘Spectacular’ Smart Cities

Mercedes has launched an autonomous bus with a view to the future of integrated intelligent transport systems for smart cities.The company unveiled its Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot, which it says is “a milestone on the way to the autonomous city bus, and a revolutionary mobility system for the future”.

Some of the key features of the new Mercedes technology are:
  • CityPilot: a software platform for autonomous driving in urban public transport
  • Mercedes-Benz Future Bus: autonomous vehicle with a “trailblazing” design

Braking System Redundancy and Autonomous Driving

We have recently seen the evolution of many advanced assisted driving technologies as the automotive industry moves ever closer to fully autonomous driving. Automated emergency braking is one of many examples of how electronic controls have made driving safer, but such systems are clearly designed to work in tandem with a human in control of the vehicle.


An integrated perspective on the future of mobility

This report seeks to uncover some key trends by addressing the following questions: How will advanced mobility take shape in different urban environments? Will society be better or worse off, and what will the main drivers be? Do changes in local mobility systems have global impact? If we are to reap the economic and societal benefits of advanced mobility systems, how could we accelerate our move towards them?

Article courtesy of McKinsey&Company



The 2nd Autonomous Vehicles Asia Summit 2018 is the only Asian-focused event gathering the top minds of autonomous vehicles industry in the region. It is also one of the few events dedicated to position your company among all of the motivated autonomous vehicles leaders who need solutions for their autonomous vehicles programmes now. If your company has a solution that can benefit this market, please contact us to how your company can get involved.