Do you know the latest development for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)?

$560 billion

Value of core market for self-driving vehicles by 2035

250 million

Number of cars that will be connected to the internet by 2020

By 2030

One in seven cars will have level-3 automation or higher


CAGR for autonomous vehicles industry between 2025 and 2035

Autonomous vehicles could make its commercial debut in Asia as early as 2018 but is the region ready for its roll-out? Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and India are in various stages of development to introduce connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) but even if the technology is ready and proven, questions remain aplenty.

Is the required regulatory framework in place? Is the region’s existing infrastructure able to support driverless vehicles or is investment needed to put them in place? Is the population even ready to embrace a future where driverless and connected vehicles shape the way they travel? What about driving ethics and vehicle and passenger safety?

The 2nd Autonomous Vehicles Asia Summit 2018 will attempt to address these questions and more while bringing together professionals across the entire autonomous vehicles industry value-chain in Asia-Pacific.

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Key Topics in 2018 Include:


Legislation and Regulatory Roadmap for Asia Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

Examine the current legislation roadmaps and partnership opportunities to accelerate the rigorous testing process and the implementation of autonomous vehicles in Asia


Ensuring Risk Management, Safety and Reliability for AVs

Discuss safety and reliability, and cyber-security pertaining to AVs


Latest Success Case Studies on AVs

A comprehensive update on applied case studies of automated shuttle bus, autonomous trucks and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) business models


Enhancing Public Acceptance of AVs

Address the social disruption concerns and pave the way for greater society acceptance to fully capture the benefits of AVs


Evaluating Infrastructure Readiness to Enable AV Implementation on Public Roads

Discuss infrastructure readiness and standardization processes including road and facilities, V2V and V2X communications systems as well as autonomous parking

Why You CANNOT Miss the Summit


The ONLY summit focusing exclusively on autonomous vehicles development and commercial deployment in Asia-Pacific


Spotlight on the readiness of regulatory, legal and public infrastructure for commercial deployment of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs)


One-stop gathering of professionals across the entire autonomous vehicles value-chain in Asia-Pacific with dedicated speed networking sessions to help build your network


Plenty of interactive discussions – Three round-tables and panel discussions on top of plenary sessions to keep the discussion going

Speaker Faculty Include:

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Who will you meet

  •  Regional regulators/ policy makers
  •  Government stakeholders
  •  Car OEMs
  •  Ride-sharing companies
  •  Innovative technology companies
  •  Research institutes, technology companies
  •  Automotive insurance
  •  Cyber security experts


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